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May 10, 2008
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SasuNaru Chapter 7

Sasuke wakes up, a bit surprised. Forgetting that he had come home last night. He was used to Naruto's tiny apartment, and not used to his huge house. 'We should really be crashing here. There's alot more space for two people...'

Thinking about how him and Naruto both blew things out of porportion last night, he went out to the kitchen to pour some cereal. He kept going over last nights events in his head. Wondering why they freaked out over something so little. When it came down to it, he knew that it all really happend because of the sexual tention that was going on between them. It wasn't really either of their faults. Sasuke starts to feel guilty for leaving Naruto like that, all alone.

'I shouldn't take it out on Naruto, we will do it when he's ready.I just wish i wasn't so anxious!' Little to Sasuke's knowledge, Naruto was ready.He had finally gotten over the fact that they were both guys, he loved Sasuke and thats all that really mattered. But the state he was in wouldn't allow him to do the deed.

Sasuke decided that he should go over to Naruto's to apologize. Sasuke hadn't noticed, but his personality had changed drasticly since he started dating Naruto. He used to cover up his feelings by treating Naruto as a rival, and since he wasn't with the person he had feelings for, he used to take his anger out on those around him, and was generally just a jack ass. But now that he was with Naruto he has chilled out alot, and has become a lot softer and more of an emotional person. Something no one had seen or expected in Sasuke.

Sasuke was on his way to Naruto's when he came across Ino's flower shop. He walked in looking at the different flowers. 'I wonder what kind of flowers the dobe likes....I guess roses are the traditional flower to give when you've fucked up real bad.'

"Hey Sasuke!" Ino says energeticly
"Hi Ino. You think i could get a, two dozen roses?" Sasuke says looking up at the prices.
"Mmm, ladies man has a date?" She says gathering up the roses.
"No..they're for a friend" He says back.
"Oh, for Naruto?" She says wraping them into a boquet, and adding baby's breath.
Saskues eyes open wide, and jaw drops open a little bit, 'does she know?'.
Ino to busy to notice, finishes with saying "Yeah i heard he was rushed to Tsunade this morning!"
"Wait, WHAT?!" Sasuke says, now looking very worried.
" didn't know? i...I just assumed..these were for.." She studders.
"What happend?!" he raises his voice.
"Um..Shikamaru came by this morning to get some flowers, i guess he and Kiba went over to Naruto's bright and early this morning and found him passed out... They rushed him to the hospital. Thats about all i know, shikamaru had to get back to the hospital.
Sasuke grabbed the flowers from Ino, threw some money on the counter and ran out of the store.
"Wait, Sasuke, this is too much!" Ino yells after him. He just keeps running.

When he finally reaches the hospital on the other side of town, he is bent over out of breath. He looks up at the receptionist.
"Nar-uto" he says panting.
"Down the hall to the right" She said pointing.

When he gets to the end of the hall he sees both Kiba and Shikamaru sitting there. Kiba moves his water bottle from the seat next to him, and Sasuke immeaditely sits down there, still panting.

"Is he doing ok?" Sasuke asks inpaintanly.

Kiba looks at his feet, and Shikamaru looks at a wall. Sasuke stands up and yells at them. Shikamaru gets to his feet, grabs Sasuke's arm and takes him around the corner into an empty waiting room, shutting the door behind them.

"Whats going on Shikamaru, tell me!" He shouts urgently.

"Naruto...he's...he's in a...a coma..." Shikamaru studders, trying to look Sasuke straight in his eyes.

"What..what?! I...wha...No, i have to go see him!" Sasuke says as he starts to turn around. But Shikamaru grabs him.

"There is no way your going to get in there. Tsunade has Kakashi gaurding his door. No one is allowed in except her until she says. So be smart, wait out here with us."

" That stupid bitch..." Sasuke mutters loudly.

"Come on, lets give those flowers to the nurse so we can get them in some water. Im sure Naruto will love them." Shikamaru says calmly, acting like he didn't hear what Sasuke just said.

They go to the nurses station and put all the roses in a vase and fill it with water. They then go and return to their seats.

"Woah, those are nice flowers Sasuke, and ALOT of flowers. All those for Naruto? I didn't know you guys were so close!" Kiba says looking over at him.

Sasuke looks down at the 24 rozes. He thinks of his poor Naruto lying in there, unconsious, in the cold, bare hospital room...

"No, here" He takes 12 rozes out and gives them to Kiba, then takes the other 12 rozes and takes them over to Shikamaru "These are for you guys. Thank you for saving Naruto. He could be dead if you two hadn't had stopped by what you did! So agian, thank you very much." Sasuke says with a bow. He then turns around taking off down the hallway turning twoards the exit around the corner.

"Wow. Where did he go?" Kiba asks Shikamaru.
"I don't know yet, but i'm sure we'll know soon" Shikamaru Replied.
Previous Chapter --> [link]
Next Chpater ---> [link]

I know there are some spelling errors and just some regular errors XD But there has been such a high demand for this chapter,so i had to get it out there!

I was in the hospital for a hip replacement and then was later hospitalized for a 103 temp and an infection. So i wrote as much as i could between the hospital visits,and some while i was in.

The next chapter will br great, and i'm already working on it! :)
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