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Submitted on
June 30, 2007
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SasuNaru Chapter 3
(two weeks later)

Naruto wakes up locked in Sasuke's arms. He turns around so he is facing Sasuke, looking at him sleeping softly. Naruto brings his fingers up to sasuke's face and slightly brushes his cheek. 'He looks so beautiful when he is sleeping...'

"Stop it, that tickles!" sasuke says to naruto half asleep, not opening his eyes. Naruto climbs over him trying to get out of bed, while sasuke groans from naruto's knees diging into his stomach.

"Well, im going to get dressed!" Naruto shouts out playfully. Sasuke's head quickly shoots up, looking directly at naruto standing there in his t-shirt and PJ bottoms." the bathroom!" he finishes smiling.

"Stop teasing naruto...." sasuke grumbles as he flips back over trying to get back to sleep. Naruto chucks Sasuke's pants at him. Sasuke a little startled by this, sits up and grabs them.

"You know i have extra bottoms, you dont have to sleep in your boxers." Naruto says as he enters the bathroom and shuts the door.

"Yeah, but it's more comfortable this way" Sasuke yells so naruto can hear him through the door. Naruto comes out in a tight orange tee and jeans. He bends down to pick up some clothes. Sasuke walks over pulling up and zipping his pants. "Plus, whats wrong with sleeping in boxers when its next to my lover?" Naruto's face turns bright red at the sound of this, and he stands straight back up. Sasuke doesnt notice his face as he comes up behind him.

"Since when do YOU clean?" he says as he wraps his arms around Naruto's waist.

"Since you decided to spend the night, nearly every night for the last two weeks." Naruto states growing even redder.

"Well we have been dating for two weeks now. And its not like were having sex or anything....but if you dont want me to stick around at night, just tell me" Sasuke says casually.

"No! I really do like you being here with me everynight!" Naruto says as he continues to blush.

"Thats good.." Sasuke says as he starts kissing Naruto's cheek moving down to his neck as he starts to suck on it.

"Stop it" Naruto giggles. Sasuke just continues. "Seriouslly Sasuke! I have to leave for training with Kakashi! The Chunin Exams are coming up again, and i dont want to show up to training with hickies all over my neck!"

"Ok, ok" Sasuke says as he stops," Im making supper for you tonight though. I have a surprise for your birthday this weekend. So be home by 6:00."

Naruto heads out for training as Sasuke heads for the grocery store for the dinner that night. 'I can't belive i said i was going to make him dinner! I should've just taken him out to dinner! I don't even know what to make him! My best bet is ramen, thats all he ever eats anyways... Sasuke gets all the stuff he needs for the ramen and heads back to Naruto's place. He cleans the house, feeling bed because Naruto was right, it had been alot messier since he started coming over all the time. Then it was time to start dinner. Sasuke looked around the apartment for an apron but all he could find was a pink frilly one. 'God, i feel like naruto's little bitch' He thought to himself as he put it on.

Just as Sasuke was finishing their dinner, Naruto walks through the door.

"Mmmmm! It smells good in here!!" Naruto says as he takes of his shoes. And walks over to enter the kitchen. When he sees Sasuke in the little pink apron, Naruto's face turns a very bright shade of pink. 'Oh my god, in that appron he looks irresistable, i want to jump him!....No, i AM going to jump him!' Naruto runs across the room jumping into Sasuke's arms.

"Wow, what was that for naruto?" Sasuke askes while still holding Naruto in him arms.

"I missed you all day, and i come home to see you dressed like this? I want to have you right now!" as Naruto says this, Sasuke falls over backwards from all of Naruto's force.

"It sounds like you had a good day. Well your going to have to wait until after dinner, i have a surprise for you, remember?" Sasuke says as Naruto, now lying on top of him, nibbling at his ear.

"Oh yeah! Sorry, i was kinda distracted with you running around in Sakura's apron that i borrowed." Naruto snickers.

"Shut up" Sasuke tells naruto, a little embarresed," Your dinner is on the table.."

"RAMEN! Thanks Sasuke!" Naruto says as he sits down and starts to stuff his face.

"Yeah, it was no problem" Sasuke replies. He also sits down and begins eating.

"Oh yeah, you said you had a surprise?" Naruto askes with his mouth half full looking up at Sasuke with his eyes, while his head, down by the bowl, still shoveling food in his mouth.

"Oh" sasuke gets up, walks into the other room and comes back. He tosses the brochure onto the table." I rented a room up at the privite springs a town over for your birthday weekend"

" Wow! That place is fancy! I love the hot springs! Thank you sasuke!" He says, now finished with his ramen, springing up to give sasuke a kiss. Sasuke smiles.

"Why down you go lie down and rest, you've been training all day, i'll clean up in here." Sasuke tells Naruto.

"You're really spoiling me" Naruto says happily, He gives sasuke another kiss and walks off into the other room.

Sasuke cleans up, does the dishes, and changes. Dead tired, he walks over to the bed where he sees naruto sprawled out, sleeping, in his boxers. Sasuke smiles to himself. 'Sleeping in just the boxers for the first time. Maybe i AM spoiling him to much' Sasuke laughs to himself. He moves naruto over and puts a blanket over him. He crawls in the other side carfully, not to wake naruto up. He soon falls asleep too.
Previous Chapter- [link]

Next Chapter - [link]

Ok, FINALLY chapter three is done. I was in the hospital for a week and a half because i got a bad phenomia. Now im at home on IV drugs. I finished this up yesterday but my internet was done.

Here you go! Enjoy!

I do not own naruto nor any other character in that series.
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BassyBenitz Featured By Owner Nov 25, 2012
Wow 2 weeks and no sec damn sasuke get with the program well the fanciful is cute. And very well made so I cant complain
Kurohimex105 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I'm sorry to hear that hope you get well soon. I really love your story well done.
x-MusicAtMidnight-x Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
"God, I feel like Naruto's little bitch."

:iconbwahahahaplz: Best fucking thing I've ever read!
Gumbah Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
LOL thank you XD
LxThexGreatxDective2 Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2011
this is really good!!! im sorry u were in the hospital!!!! feel better
CielStalker Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMOGMOG i really like this because sasuke is like sasuke but at times he seems more uke by cooking dinner...then again ciel is the uke but he would never cook for sebastian!
buttkinq Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2011  Student Artist
Wheres the 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th and the rest???love itt
southxparkxfangirl Featured By Owner Aug 5, 2010
OMG THIS STORY IS ADORABLE!! I'm gonna keep reading now!! :D
Me-and-Missy Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
Loved this but I hope your okay now!
vampnana23 Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2010
i lov this!!!
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