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June 5, 2007
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SasuNaru Chapter 1

"Thanks for taking me out Sasuke" Sakura says sweetly.
"Yeah, whatever.." Sasuke replies.
Sakura pouts out her lips in an attempt to kiss sasuke. But he turns and starts to walk away. Sakura looks sadly to the ground, turns, and heads home.

On his walk into town Sasuke comes opon Naruto who was headed to the ramen shop.
"Hey Sasuke" Naruto shouts as he waves at Sasuke with a big grin on his face.
"Hey" he responds with a blank stare on his face.
"Want to get some ramen with me?" Naruto asks.
"I guess" he says.
Naruto and Sasuke sit down and start to to eat. Naruto looks over and asks, "So what are you doing in town?" with his mouth half full.
" I was on my way out of town actually, i wanted to go watch the sunset on the beach," Sasuke pauses to think for a second, " you can come if you want."
"Cool!'" Naruto says as he slurps up the rest of his noodles, "lets go!"

Sasuke and Naruto head out twords the beach.' I can't belive he invited me to go with him' Naruto thinks to himself as he stares at Sasuke.
"What?" Sasuke askes
" Its nothing.." says Naruto as he looks away.
"Well we're here" Sasuke says as he sits down in the sand. They get there just as the sun is starting to set. Naruto sits down next to Sasuke.
"'s beautiful!" Naruto says as he stares at the sunset.
"Yeah, it really is. I come here to think sometimes" Sasuke tells Naruto. 'Wow, he's in a pretty good mood tonight. And he looks pretty good too...' Naruto thinks to himself, blushing slightly.
"Didnt you have a date today?" Naruto quetsions.
"Yeah...i did." Sasuke says nervously as he looks away from the sunset and down to the sand.
"Did i say something wrong?" Naruto asks
"No..i just dont want to talk about it. I only went on it to shut her up. I have no interest in her what so ever" Sasuke says convincinly.
"Hmm, figures, you never like anyone" Naruto says smugly.
"Thats just  what i WANT everyone one to think. But that doesnt mean i don't like someone" Sasuke says as he leans back putting his weight on his elbows. Naruto lays back on his side facing Sasuke, resting his head on his hand that his elbow is proping up. "So you like someone? he says, interested.
"I have now for some time" Sasuke says openly.
"What?! Every girl in towns interested in you! Whoever your interested in, im sure you could have" Naruto says using his hands to sit him up.
"Who said it was a girl...?" Sasuke says with a smirk on his face looking directly at Naruto.
"Wait, what?" Naruto says, very confused, "I never thought that you were..."
"Gay?" Sasuke says continuing to smirk "Theres alot of things you dont know dobe." Naruto surprised, thinks to himself 'He acts so confident and cool, even when he is talking about somthing like this!'.
"So...who do you like?" Naruto says trying to act casual.
"Well, if you really want to know, i'll tell you. But it's a secret, so you cant tell any one" Sasuke says. He slowly moves towards naruto, gently pushing him back into the sand. He puts one hand on either side of him. He pushes his hair back and smiles. Slowly, he leans down and whispers into his ear, "It's you." Naruto face turns bright red, eyes wide open as sasuke gently kisses his forhead. Suddenly Sasuke gets up.
"Its getting dark, i have to head back. Later fox boy." Sasuke says in a kinda cocky, but cute tone, as he starts to walk away.

Naurto just lies there in shock, face still bright red, not being able to move. 'He...he'

This is my first fanfic, let alone a SasuNaru fanfic. But they are my favorite pairing and i have alot of ideas for storys about them, so i decided to share them.

I suck at spelling, so if there are errors, please ignore them. On my new computer i have no spell check in the program im using =(

I will also add a title later when i think of a good one

Chapter 2 -- [link]
Chapter 3- [link]
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