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June 12, 2007
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SasuNaru Chapter 2

Naruto slides out of bed and slowly gets dressed. Getting home late and barely getting any sleep, he was exsauhsted. He slips on his shoes and leaves his house. Walking down the street towards the hokage's, promising to help her with a favor this morning. The sun was bright, he squinted trying to shild his eyes. He felt tap on his shoulder. Hoping to see sauske, he turns around to see a smiling Sakura. Disappointed, he gives her a half-hearted "hello".

"Hey Naruto! Whats new?" she askes beemingly. Naruto thinks of what happend last night, but didnt really want to talk to Sakura about it.

"Umm, not much, just going to see the hokage." he says.

"Well i won't keep you then" Sakura responds while looking over Naruto's shoulder. Then, much to Naruto's surprise, out of nowhere, she leans in and kisses him.

"Later Naruto!" she says as she runs off before he could ask her about it. He just stands there thinking 'what the hell?' Then coming up from behind him Sasuke passes by him, without saying a word.

"Sasuke?" Naruto shouts to him, "...Sasuke..?" It was plain to Naruto that he was ignoring him. So he runs up to him and grabs his arm and tells him to stop. Sasuke turns around.

" I dont want to talk right now, ok?!" Sasuke says in a grumpy tone and then turns and leaves. Naruto just stands there for a minute, a bit stunned. 'What did i do?..'  

Naruto finally arrives at the Hokage's office. She scolds him for being late and asks him to take three boxes that had been delivered there down to the school. He picks up the three medium sized boxes stacked on top of each other and heads down there. Iruka meets him at the front door and helps him by taking two of the boxes off his hands.

"Thanks" Naruto says still thinking about other things.

"Its no problem, just set them over there." Iruka replys with a smile on his
face. He takes a closer look at Naruto.

"What's wrong?" He quickly asks.

"What?..Oh, nothing... " Naruto says half dazed.

" I can tell somethings wrong Naruto, are you ok?" Iruka says, a little worried.

"Yeah...things have just been...wierd...lately..."  he says a bit uncomfortably, "with me and sasuke.."

"With you and Sasuke eh?" Iruka almost laughed to himself "you don't have to talk about it if you dont want to. The best thing to do is to work whatever's going on, out with sasuke." Naruto felt as if Iruka almost read his mind.

"Thanks Iruka sensei" he says with a smile.

"You can go Naruto, i got it from here." he tell Naruto

"Alright, Later sensei!" Naruto says while waving goodbye.

Naruto finishes up his chores and training for the day and heads for home.
On his way he runs into Sakura again.

"Hey Naruto! Look....sorry about earlier. To tell you the truth, i saw Sasuke come up behind you, and was still kinda pissed about our date. I wanted to make him jealous. I didn't mean to hurt you or anything.."

"Oh..." Naruto says holding his tounge."Thats...ok.." 'What a bitch...'

"I knew you'd understand Naruto, your the best! I'll see you later!" Shes says in a bubbly tone as she runs off.

Naruto arrives home at almost 9:30 that night. After a long day of training and helping Iruka and the Hokage, he was even more exuhsted than he was earlier. He stips down and throws on a long shirt, not even bothering with bottoms because of the heat, he crawls into bed. He imediatly falls asleep.

He wakes up to a tapping at his window. He glances at the clock; it says 1:15.  He groggaly sits up squinting to see in the dark, slips out of bed, and softly walks up to the window, half asleep. He sees Sasuke staring in at him. He unlatches his window and lets him in. He jumps threw the window with a smirk on his face. Naruto rubs his eyes at looks up at him.

"Nice clothing choice" he says looking him up and down. Naruto quickly pulls his shirt down as far as he can as his face turns bright red.

"What do you want?" Naruto snaps at him.

"Sorry about waking you up..its just.."Sasuke cant finish his sentance before Naurto cuts him off.

"Its not that!...Why were you pissed off earlier?.." Naruto asked nervously. Sasuke can see he is worried.

"I was just in a bad mood...bad morning." he lies.

"Oh...i see...."Naruto looks down at his feet. Wondering if thats truely all that was wrong.

" and Sakura? I saw you two earlier...and.." Sasuke says, but again cant finish his sentance.

"NO!.. No, she just kissed me out of nowhere, i had no idea what was going on , and i didnt want it, she just.."Naruto babbles out in a loud nervious voice. Sasuke touches a finger too Naruto's lips before he could finish.

"Shhh, its ok" he said in a comforting voice. "I was just wonding is all, calm down" He said smiling.

"She said.....she said she just wanted to make you jealous..." He said still looking down, ashamed.

"Well...It worked" Sasuke says as he lifts Narutos chin and leans in to gently kiss his lips. Naruto, was stunned, with his eyes wide open. He felt his face burning bright red, and his heart in his throat. Sasuke pulls away and looks and Naruto.

"Are you ok with this?" He asked seriously. Naruto hesitates for a second, but then grabs Sasukes shirt collar, pulls him in, and kisses him deeply.

"I'll take that as a yes" sasuke says as he answers his own question.

Sasuke and Naruto see a flash of lightning outside the window and the rain starts to fall.

"You mind if i just stay here with you for awhile?" Sasuke asks.

"No, i dont mind, but i need some sleep.." he says as he yawns sleepily, rubbing his eyes again.

"Thats fine, I'll lie here with you for a while" sasuke says getting a bright red blush out of naruto.

"Ok." Naruto says breathing deeply trying to get his heartbeat to slow down. He crawls under the covers on the other end of the bed to make some room for Sasuke.

Sasuke gets up and takes off his shirt. Naruto blushes and rolls over toward the wall, peeking out of the corner of his eye. He takes off his shoes and shuts off the light. Naruto feels Sasuke crawl into his bed, and scoots up next to him. Naruto feels his body touching his. Sasuke wraps his arms up around him. With Sasukes warm embrace, Naruto slowly slips into a deep sleep. Sasuke calmly lies there for a few minutes listening to Naruto sleep, until the sound of him breathing makes Sasuke slowly drift off himself.
Chapter 1 -- [link]
Chapter 3 -- [link]

Still no name yet =(
But i had a few fans over at Y-Gallery. Sadly i got banned because i dont turn 18 for another month...

Again, this is my first fanfic, and it IS of the boy x boy pairing of SasuNaru. This chapter would be considered Shounin Ai but later chapters will be Yaoi. If you dont like BL/Shounin Ai/Yaoi then dont read this.

I know i have some mistakes because the program im using doesnt have spell check (screw windows vista), and its 2am, which is the time i am most likely to make some spelling and grammor errors lol.

I do not own naruto or any of its characters.
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